Villa Maria

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The History

This House takes the name from my grand-mother , Lady Maria Latini di Mogliano.On 1905 she married Salvatore Marcelletti ,my grand-father , lawyer,and , because his City house was too small ,he decided to build the villa, gift for his beloved wife, and for this reason, the name on the pillars of the gate is: "Villa Maria".
On 1914. my mother Maria Teresa was born here .
For about thirty years,it was the summer Residence of the family, because my grand-father was working in others Italian Cities.
On 1935, my mother wedding, with my father Tomaso Cotroneo, took place here .
During the second world war,because the men of the family were in the Army , my mother and her relatives were living here for two years, and here , on 1944 , Lady Maria is dead.
Again ,for the following thirty years, it was the house for the summer holidays.
At the end of the "Eighties", the property was completely restored, keeping the old romantic atmosphere,and from then ,for many years, became a center of life, culture, and great happenings.
On 2007, month of december, my Mother is dead, but always she was reminding me, her happy house, which needs to be full of life and happiness.


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